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Carwinches are devices that can be very useful when a vehicle breaks down or when we need to move some vehicle. Winches are available in many different sizes, weights and power, so choosing the right one can be difficult.

Electric and hydraulic winches are the most commonly used devices. They are used to lift and pull vehicles in the event of a stuck or accident. Depending on where they are mounted, they can have different applications. Rear-mounted win ches on the platform of a roadside assistance vehicle or tow truck will help pull a malfunctioning vehicle onto a trailer. Front-mounted winches, on the other hand, are great for pulling yourself out when, for example, your vehicle is buried.

Electric win ches are more popular for cars, off-road vehicles or quads. They are easy to install and do not require a hydraulic system. Electric win ches, as the name suggests, are powered electrically by the car's battery, so you don't have to worry about an additional power source.

Hydraulic win ches are considered more robust. They are powered by a hydraulic pump that creates pressure in the winch. Due to the need for appropriate configuration of the hydraulic system, they are ideal for installation on trucks or specialized vehicles. A suitably large winch can be used for heavier work and will allow you to winch even a truck in difficult conditions.

When choosing a winch, first of all, it is necessary to determine exactly what kind of work the winch will do, as well as the size of the loads. Then take into account the size of the vehicle on which the winch will be mounted. Another element to pay attention to when choosing a winch is its power. Winches are available in different powers, so you need to choose a model suitable for the planned work.

The store offers winches of the highest quality, from reputable manufacturers such as Runva and Presko Winch.


Presko Winch winch - PEW12000-12V - 5.5T - 12000lbs

Presko Winch winch - PEW12000-12V - 5.5T - 12000lbs

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